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We offer a wide range of fluid power components for sale search by manufacturer or component type. Please call for current price and delivery.

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We repair and test “ in house” a wide range of fluid power products for almost all major manufacturers particularly for industrial hydraulic applications. Examples of components we repair are hydraulicpumps and motors, cylinders, and servo valves and lubrication pumps. Where possible we return repairs with steel caps,plugs and shipping plates to help ensure contamination stays out even after potentially years in storage as a spare or after abuse in shipping or installation.

Test Stands - We have hydraulic pump and motor test stands to provide complete component testing after repairs with individual stands for low speed high torque motors and high speed motors. This allows for full testing of hydrostatic drives.

Servo Test Stand – With in-house repair of servo and proportional valves we have a dedicated servo repair room to ensure cleanliness and accurate testing (more)

Mobile Shop – We have a mobile equipment shop bay with overhead crane for repairs to mobile equipment such as hydro-vacs, septic trucks, drills exploration, geothermal rigs, dump trucks, sanders and more. Contact us to book your equipment repair.

Servo Valve RepairRead More

These valves are critical to the efficient, productive operation of our customers. The high cost of downtime based on bad repairs is something we cannot afford. We only fix what we can get parts for and fix well as such we only repair Parker Hannifin and Bosch Rexroth valves in house.

Bosch –Rexroth Servo Proportional Valve ServiceRead More

With a wide range of parts in stock and the most experienced Bosch servo technician in Western Canada. We repair a significant number of servo valves and help our customers with a broad range of value added services including: Nine great reasons to use FPS Fluid Power Solutions as your number one choice for repair of these critical components. Free Return Freight.

System Design and Documentation Read More

With years of experience in supporting a range of applications we offer our expertise to you in overcoming application and design challenges that present themselves. Our solutions can be provided with full documentation including schematics and general assembly drawings. Please contact us for assistance with your next system requirements. Contact Us

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We provide customized training for competitive prices. We specialize in on-site training for the wood products industry particularly sawmills and plywood plants. These training courses are tailored to the specific components and systems in your mill. Course length and material covered varies with the existing experience of your maintenance personnel. Please call for quotation. See sample outlines on Hydraulic Maintenance, Servo-Proportional or Automated Lubrication from previous courses or look at some testimonials of satisfied training customers.

We typically design the course to have a combination of hands on and classroom content. The hands-on portion of the training is a combination of labs done with our portable training equipment and in-plant with your systems. These courses are geared towards maintenance personnel including millwrights and electricians.

Power Units and Custom ManifoldsRead More

We design and build power units and custom hydraulic manifold packages for specific applications. We are experienced in providing power units to OEM’s and forest products end users with the layout and components required to provide years of dependable service.

Field ServiceRead More

We provide field service and troubleshooting for a wide range of applications particularly industrial hydraulics and lubrication systems for the sawmill, plywood and mining industry through out the interior of British Columbia.

InstallationRead More

Full system installation and start-up assistance for hydraulic systems, auto lubrication, lubrication dispenses equipment and pneumatics.

We design and install the proper plumbing type for your particular system and budget including welded or threaded pipe, seamless tube, or hose installation or a combination as determined by the application.

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Proper system flushing procedures are determined and implemented to your specific systems requirements and is based on its components and there anticipated operating pressure. This to ensure that the proper cleanliness level is attained prior to start-up. Proper component functioning, long life and warranty requirements being met are all supported by correct flushing . Most component failures are premature and caused by system contamination often this begins with inadequate flushing at start up.

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We provide onsite personnel to provide critical start up assistance including flushing, valve, pump and control adjustments as well as troubleshooting if required. This may be new equipment being installed, upgrades or after prolonged periods of equipment downtime or heavy maintenance.

SurveysRead More

Documentation gets out of date with changes to equipment. We provide hydraulic system surveys on individual pieces of equipment or complete mills to get schematics and bills of material up to date. Accurate documentation can be critical to system troubleshooting as well as a vital source of information for proper maintenance and inventory planning. The plywood, veneer and sawmill industry have been our primary customer for this service. We frequently find numerous ideas for increasing facilities profitability while performing a survey. This survey’s can be valuable for insurance evaluations purposes.

Call to get more information on what we can do for you. Contact Us

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We provide electrical controls for hydraulic and auto-lubrication systems. This includes hard wired or wireless joystick controls to stand alone timers for automated lubrication systems. We can also work with your existing controls provider to help ensure smooth integration on new systems or upgrades to your existing equipment. Complete turnkey packages are also available for mobile and industrial applications. These systems are machine specific please contact us to discuss your systems specific requirements.

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