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As a Parker Store™ we welcome retail and wholesale customers alike to come to our location. Come in and pick up those fittings, get a hose made or call us to check availability on almost any product that Parker makes. Contact Us

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Full Line Distributor for Parker Mobile Hydraulics, Industrial Hydraulics and Connector Division as well as some Pneumatic Division. Parker makes almost every type of hydraulic component including pumps, motors, cylinders, valves both sectional, subplate mounted, inline and cartridge type, filters, cylinders, accumulators,accessories and more search by product type for more complete listing of components offered from Parker or contact us directly with your requirements. Contact Us

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The world’s leading line of lubricating dispensing equipment. Including Pumps (AOPP) aka stick pumps for grease and oil dispensing and auto lubrication as well as meters, reels, accessories. Graco now offers a full line of automated lubrication products and accessories with the addition of the Trabon line of products.

Bosch-Rexroth Read More

We specialize in Servo Proportional valve repair Stocking a wide array of parts including drive electronics, lvdt’s, pilot valves and seals with the fastest turn around in the industry. We support customers and applications in a range of industries particularly forest product related applications.

Trabon Read More

Trabon has a long-standing history of manufacturing quality components and accessories for automated lubrication systems. We stock both series progressive and centrimatic type injectors. For replacement parts for your current system or new applications for mobile or industrial auto lube systems give us a call. Contact Us

Stauff Read More

Full range of quality hydraulic accessory products. Lets face it Stauff is to clamps for hydraulic pipe, tube and hose what Kleenex is to facial tissue and we stock a full range of heavy duty wieldable clamps as well as filters, ball valves, level indicators, gauges, and diagnostics.

Gresen Read More

This product has been a staple to the hydraulic industry for mobile applications for decades. With its incorporation into the Parker family some products have been obsoleted while some are still available. If you are looking for replacement product or new applications assistance we can help you find it.

Apitech Read More

This product is now marketed as Pulsar under Parkers mobile product offering. They represent a portion of the sectional valve offering Parker has to offer to solve your unique system application requirements. We have successfully applied them on multiple systems including wireless proportional control of crane trucks.

MEPRead More

They have a wide range of cost effective high quality industrial electric motors and drives including vector duty motors and frequency drives give us a call and let us quote on your next electric motor requirements.

LovejoyRead More

We stock a range of product from this high quality shaft coupling manufacturer.

HaweRead More

Hawe is a European manufacturer of high quality hydraulic products. They are specialized in high pressure and high power density components including sectional valves, piston pumps, and specialty valve products such as pre-fill valves more.

CrossRead More

This long standing player in the hydraulic industry makes a range of quality North American product including the classic BA series mono-block directional valves, gear pumps and motors as well as tie-rod cylinders for low and medium pressure applications such as the agricultural industry. We stock product and are able to convert valves for your specific needs and quick delivery.

Curtis ToledoRead More

One of the oldest compressor companies in the world is now also one of the largest. Producing one of the most comprehensive lines of quality compressor products available they have a unit for almost any need. This product ranges from small 5HP gas driven units for the contractor to large 250HP screw compressors for industrial applications. They are not the cheapest but they are certainly one of the best including energy saving variable speed units. They also have a full range of dryers and air treatment products and accessories.

NachiRead More

Nachi represents a complete line of industrial hydraulic components including manifold mounted directional valves, proportional valves, Piston Pumps from 16-140cc, Variable Vane Pumps and more.

DenisonRead More

Denison has been a manufacturer of heavy duty industrial pumps and valving for many decades. Now a part of the Parker family of products.

GreerRead More

Greer has been the premier manufacturer of accumulator products and accessories for many years including bladder, piston and diaphragm designs in a wide range of sizes. They also make specialty products for inline pulsation dampening and specialty products like reservoir sealed ventilator systems (par-vent).

UCCRead More

This UK based manufacturer of filters, accessories and diagnostics has been a part of the hydraulic industry for many decades and is now a part of the Parker family.

VOAC Read More

VOAC is a high quality manufacturer of bent axis piston pumps and proportional load sensing sectional valves including pre and post compensated designs. They have valves for the most demanding applications. They are now a part of the Parker family of products.

RossRead More

Premier manufacturer of low speed high torque motors (LSHT) using high efficiency roller stator design. They also manufacture steering valves for off highway vehicle applications. They are now a part of the Parker family of products.

SterlingRead More

Cartridge valve manufacturer producing a full range of product types including but not limited to solenoid directional cartridges, and reliefs. A unique single cartridge dual cross-port relief is typical of their innovation develop. They are now a part of the Parker family of products.

Fairey Arlon Read More

Hydraulic filter manufacturer with high quality media and European quality standards. Most popular for quality return and pressure filters often applied on forest product equipment. They are now a part of the Parker family of products.

Commercial Read More

Long standing manufacturer in the mobile medium pressure hydraulic component market. Most popular products are pumps and motors, directional valves (sectional) and cylinders (telescopic) they are now a part of the Parker family of products.

Anchor FlangeRead More

Top quality flange products for hydraulic applications Wide range of flange adaptors. Socket weld fitting for pipe and tube.

EIP (Sundstrand)Read More

Full 20 Series Hydrostatic Pump Line.

Super Swivel Read More

Made in America quality swivels. Straights and Angled models. Single and Double Swivels.

Chevron Texaco Read More

Full range of quality lubricants. Hydraulic, Engine, Gear Oils, Grease and more.

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